Simply Cleansing Homemade Soap

Simply Cleansing Homemade Soap

I had a wonderful surprise last week in my mailbox. One of my twitter friends had sent me a package of cool homemade soap. Not just one or 2 bars of soap, but a mailbox full, each with a different scent (from essential oils).  I was in a hurry, running errands before leaving town for my daughter’s swim meet near Houston.  (they won regions and on their way to state!)  Wanting to check out the soaps some more, I stashed them in the car with me.  My car smelled awesome while running those errands.

I was blessed with an assortment of wonderful soap: tea tree, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, orange, lemon, cedarwood.   Each in its own little bag.  I was thinking what a great gift these would make if you included their oak soap rest, a natural sponge, wrapped up in a basket.  Mother’s Day is coming up.

OK, why should you buy Simply Cleansing Homemade Soap?

  • You’ve been thinking of making your own homemade soap and never get around to it.
  • Support small  business which doesn’t outsource overseas
  • Be kind to your skin, instead of all kinds of chemicals and stuff which dries out your skin,  Simply Cleansing soaps uses naturally occurring vegetable oils
  • Essential oils are great, each with their own healing power, anti-fungal, antibiotic type properties.  Look each one up to see their benefits.
  • So you can enjoy a nice smelling mailbox/house/car too

A question came up about the sodium hydroxide (lye) in the soap. I did a little research and it seems you can’t make bar soap without it. So I asked Simply Cleansing about the lye issue and got back this quick and helpful response:

 People just don’t know that lye is the ONLY way to have soap. The only other thing you can use is maybe soap nuts which we will be getting soon, but it isn’t soap.

Saponification and Glycerin
Food Grade Lye

We use this soap for our children and WOULD NOT use anything harmful on them. Did You Know that Water Has Hydrogen in it?  And Hydrogen is Flamable? But we use it to put out fires! Same thing with soap, there is a chemical reaction and the lye is no longer harmful. Don’t take me wrong, I am not trying to be sarcastic, that is just the best way I know to explain it. I would be happy to know of another way to make soap, but from all my reasearch this is the ONLY way and others just use deceitful ways around tell people there is lye in it because they know people will react to it.”

I was not asked to do a review of the soap.  I did want to share my mailbox surprise.  I planned on doing  product reviews here so felt this was a great place to start.  Thanks