Phone Scams from a BobSled User

phone scammer using bobsledI just got a call from a guy with an Indian accent.  He said he was calling from Microsoft and that they could see that our computer was full of viruses and he was calling to help us out before the infection got worse.  I promptly hung up on him.  I knew he was lying and I didn’t have time to mess with him.  (However I am taking time to write this post).  Why did I hang up?

  • Caller ID said BobSled, not microsoft
  • We have more than 1 computer, not all are windows microsoft, and we scan regularly for viruses “your microsoft computer sounds very fishy
  • I’ve never known Microsoft support tech to call me or anyone else saying my computer is infected.  Like they have time to monitor all that? and make extra calls?

Curious, after hanging up, I googled the phone number and learned 2 things.   This guy has been doing this for a while, scamming people out of $250 or some other amount.  Bobsled is a service where people can make free calls to their friends through social media without even knowing their number.  Bobsled is not the bad guy.  This phone scammer is.  Hopefully someone can track him down.

Here is how I checked him out, you should do the same with any questionable calls.  If everyone did this, there’d be no profit in phone scams.

There may be others out there like him.  Be aware of your callers.  Check caller ID.  Even if the id is who they say they are, don’t give any personal info over the phone line unless you can verify they are who they say they are.

My friend Claudia shares her story of another phone scam:

“Just a couple weeks ago my Mom was taken advantage of by the “Grandmother Scam” – called her saying that my son was in Mexico and had been in an accident and needed $, then put the “Mexican police” on to explain to her how to go about this, go to Western Union, etc., she told them she didn’t have a car and they pressured her to get a taxi, thankfully the woman there taking care of Mom took the phone and asked who they were at which point they hung up. Was very upsetting for my Mom.”

One thought on “Phone Scams from a BobSled User

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. I rarely even bother to answer calls from unknown callers, and I never answer calls from those who block their caller ID.

    Claudia’s story is very disturbing. Those who target the elderly for their scams are the lowest of the low.
    Ray Colon recently posted..It’s All in Front of ThemMy Profile

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