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I like plants, I’ll always be looking for more.  But when it comes to buying perennial shrubs, herbs etc., the price adds up quickly.  Hibiscus has been on my list of plants to add.  It is basically a tropical plant with huge flowers, which are also edible, health benefits.

So I checked one local store, and found their hibiscus 75% off.  A beautiful looking plant, in a large pot.  Tempting, how much sun did it need?  Lots.   Hmmmm.  Place I was thinking of using has partial sun much of the day.

Running errands, I remembered a sunny southwest corner of my house (brick), where I planned on planting a strawberry ground cover with some garlic plants.   I could plant those in front of some hibiscus plants.   Note to self, pick one up with my daughter after school.  Checking one more store, Home Depot I found more sales. (won’t they ever put their citrus trees on sale? pretty please?)  Hibiscus? Some marked down from $15 to $1.35, larger ones marked down from 20 something to about 3.  I check the tag on one of these, different leaves than the cheaper ones, larger flowers.  Only good to 30 degrees.  It’ll get colder that that several days in the winter, so I picked up 3 of the cheaper ones.   If they don’t make it through the winter, I’m out $4.

Many other plants on sale, esp. perennials at 50-75% off.  Some look pretty sad.  Others not the ones I want.  So many useful pretty plants you can landscape with that have multiple uses, I stay away from the purely ornamental.

One thing to check, be sure you have a place to put your plants.  Make sure they will grow in that desired location.   I went back to check on my first 3 hibiscus.  On sale because they may not make it through the winter.  I may keep them in pots and put in greenhouse when it gets colder.  However, I did pick up 2 of the larger ones, when a saleslady pointed out they were hardy to -10.  🙂   $6 beats $40 something any day.  What type of bargains do you find shopping in plant stores this fall?

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