Happy 2013

1000 piece puzzle finished

A new year is here, the adventure continues. I enjoyed the holidays with my family. Along with my high schooler, who will still be home for a few years, her older sister was home from college, my oldest son and his family were in and out. The girls enjoyed playing online games, Skyping with another older brother finishing up his grad degree across the country.  They were sad he wasn’t coming home.  We also got to talk to our other kids via phone or Skype, whichever worked best for them. Their oldest sister sent some healthy munchies and a 1000 piece puzzle. You can see it finished at the top. Different family members would come in and work on it at various times. Now I get my table back, but couldn’t bear to box up all that hard work without a photo.

It snowed on Christmas day, something I’ve never seen it do here before.  We were thankful to miss the Chrismas tornadoes which went south of us.  The girls went over to their brother’s place and made a snowman, throw snowballs, wished for better snow gloves, fun just the same.

I used audacity to record stories for my grandkids. I found a Winnie the Pooh collection of stories, and while waiting for my daughter in the morning, chauffeuring her from place to place, I recorded all the stories for my grandkids. As I started each story, I told all 5 grandkids Hi by name. I told them what page to find the start of the story. I meowed when time to change pages. Sometimes I made a comment at the end of the story. They loved it.

I recorded the stories as audio cd’s, wrapped the book up with the cd’s and more Winnie the Pooh Stuff I found in

custom family calendar January Another hit was a custom family calendar. My mother-in-law put it this way. She had been enjoying the calendar I did last year, and was sad to see it come to an end. She was hoping I’d make them again. She didn’t want a boring calendar for the next year.  Made her day. Something she can’t just go out and buy herself. SendOutCards’ PhotoStore made it so much easier.

I took photos I’d been saving throughout the year or ones my kids sent me. I uploaded them to my SendOutCards account. I went into the photo store page, picked what date and month I wanted it to start, made a cover photo and started adding photos for the various months. Sometimes I simply used the whole photo. Other times I used some of the tools on the site and added a collection of various photos.  Through in a few quotes here and there. On birthdays, anniversaries, I added photos. Because I created my calendar online, I could save the project and come back to it from time to time until it was complete. These should be made at least 2 weeks before you need them, time to print and ship. Mail is extra quirky during the Christmas season.

calendarnAs a SendOutCards representative, I’d be glad to show you around the site and the ins and outs of using the photo store.  Just get in touch. The calendars were just 12.95 and shipping. I’ll have to try their playing card option some time. Playing cards with photos you add instead of the traditional images.  Worth checking out.

Decorations packed up, waited to go up in the attic till next year. My college daughter dropped back off at LaTech in Ruston. Youngest daughter back in school. Time to get back into gear, working on making 2013 an awesome year. You can see some of the projects I’ll be working on by visiting my HomeGrown LifeStyle Blog.

Let me know how your holidays went, your plans for the new year.  Share your links if you’ve blogged about it.  Share any tips and ideas.