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WordPress plugins are very cool. I feel like a kid in a candy shop while searching for new plugins.  They add functionality to your site.  Without learning to write code you can add shopping carts, build a subscriber list, manage your comments, backup your valuable content, get found easier in the search engines, build a membership site, add a spam filter, about anything you could imagine and then some.
There are thousands of plugins to choose from, with more under development.  They are improved and updated.  Some are free, others have a cost but often provide better support.
Today we will learn how to find and install plugins with just a few clicks.
Limit the plugins you use.  Use only the ones which are useful to you and your website.  That said I do use over a dozen on my website.  You may bump into a cool plugin you want to try, but have another one doing almost the same thing a little different, deactivate the old one when you add the new one, you can always switch them back.
Some plugins don’t work well together.  Other plugins may no longer be updated, and may not work well with the newest version of WordPress.  You’ll likely add more plugins down the road.  That is OK too.   One thing to note is that some plugins work by simply activating them.  Others you need to go into their settings and check a few buttons.  Learn each plugin you use.

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