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Movie Night!  No need to set up an inflatable screen and invite the whole world over.  You can simply take the video you wish to share and embed it into your WordPress site.  A little nervous? No need, it really is quite easy.

First you have to find a video to share.  There are several websites which allow you to share videos, you click a few buttons and grab some code and copy it into your website.  Now don’t just drop in random videos, add some text, introduce the video, why do you think your readers would enjoy it?

Two of the more popular video sites are YouTube and Vimeo.  Try it out.  Today’s homework is find a video you’d like to share, write up a few short words, then embed the video.    I find myself spend much less time creating these kind of posts.

Uploading and/or Embedding YouTube Videos

In most cases you simply add the url of your YouTube video and WordPress takes care of the rest. If that doesn’t work, follow the video below.

Embedding Vimeo

Create Your Own Videos

That’s great you say, but what if you want to create your own video?  That is very doable.  These WordPress video tutorials which I’ve been sharing where created using a free tool called Jing. See Creating Video with Jing
If you are a consultant, a pro and what to show off your expertise, when you add a  short video of you to your front page good things follow.  What if you don’t want to make a video, then consider a slide show.  One of my favorite slide show tools is Animoto.   If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see examples of animoto being used for businessmen and women, photographers, Realtors, educators, charity/non-profits.

5 Lessons Learned from Creating Videos  Mitch share things he learned creating his first video.

Keep Searching

I’m not a video expert, but I do love searching and finding new stuff to learn.  Vimeo has a whole section called video school you may want to check out.  Here is a sample vacation video from their 5 Summer Vacation Video Tips post.

Ferias no Brasil from Javi Devitt on Vimeo.

Homework Check
Create your own video post and add a link to it in our comment section. Example: Why Social Media Works

Feel free to add your favorite video tutorials.

Top Tips to Get You VideoCasting in 2012

Your Next Mission, YouTube

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