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Adding audio to your website is cool.  Audio can be downloaded to your favorite mp3 player, listened to on your computer, etc.  You can listen while you drive, do house chores, exercise.  I find myself listening less to traditional radio stations all the time.

Now one pet peeve of mine, and many others, is visiting a website and audio starts playing automatically, without my permission.  Now if it is a youtube video, I can quickly hit pause till I’m ready to play, but save me that extra step.  At times I’m looking for the offending audio player and can’t find it, quicker to close the site.

 Mp3 Files

First you have to have audio, saved as an mp3 file (or another audio file compatible with your player), and uploaded to the internet. (hosting service)  It can be one you created, one you have permission to use, already uploaded by someone else.  It can be voice or music. Smaller audio files may be uploaded while creating your wordpress post.  If  you get a note saying the file exceeds upload size, don’t panic.  You own your own hosting service.   Watch the videos and I’ll show you how to upload your files.

Or you can use a service such as Audio Acrobat or Free Conference Call which will record a phone call.  I have used Audacity, open source software, downloaded to my computer, plugged in my microphone and recorded.  I usually do screencasts, instead of recording audio, and can’t really say the best ways to do such.  The internet is wonderful, search, ask friends through social media, ask podcasters what do they use.

Hiding the Directory Index

Simply Link to the mp3 File
My good friend, Heidi Richards, records a lot of audio through teleconferences, great information.  On her Heidi Richard’s Audio page, she simply links to the audio file.  Click on a link and it opens in your web browser and plays.   You add it just as you add any hyperlink in wordpress.

Example:   Count down

Add an Audio Widget

You can add the link as a widget in the sidebar of your blog.  Readers know to click the button, the recording will play.  An example is    Beverly is using Simple Music plugin to add an audio player to her sidebar easily.

 Beverly Mahone Your Media Makeover Consultant

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

WordPress Audio Plugins

There are many different audio plugins for wordpress. Rather than searching through all of them, picking on, you should decide how you are using audio on your site: sidebar widgets, occasional posts, podcasts, list of audios, etc. and choose the plugin which best suits your needs.

Audio Player    Add an audio player to your posts and pages – Click on the link to see how the use Audio Player Plugin and Audio Player Widget Plugin.

15 WordPress Mp3 Players  If you are still looking for the perfect plugin for your audio needs, check out this post which reviews 15 of them.

Blubrry PowerPress  If you have a podcast on iTunes, you may find this plugin quite helpful.


I think of podcasts as downloadable radio shows.  Only the producer doesn’t have to have a radio station and all that goes with such.  Makes podcasting affordable.  A  great webhosting service, a website (wordpress works for this), a microphone and your computer and you are good to go.  A podcast usually has regular episodes, helps if you add your podcast stream (rss feed) to iTunes.   It can be a daily, weekly, monthly or however often you wish.

I like learning things, and when I’m doing mundane daily tasks such as housework, yardwork or driving, I’ll be listening to a podcast on my computer.  Nope, I’ve not done the save to mp3 player thing.  My laptop is always handy so I listen there.

An example of a podcast well done is The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko.  He first started recording while commuting to work, and it is now what he does for a living with a very loyal growing audience base.

Audio Resources:

If you search online, you will find many resources for podcasters.  Not having done a regular podcast, nor having read and followed any podcasting instructions, I can’t give my opinion.  If you’d like to share any resources that have helped you, please add them to the comment section.


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