Adding an eBook to Your WordPress Sidebar

What if you want to add an ebook or a graphic button to your sidebar in WordPress?  Linking to another page, or url.  Follow along in the video tutorial below.  If you have more questions, ask in the comment section below.

Sometimes you may want to add affiliate links/buttons or other bits of code to your sidebar.  Many places will give you the html code which you simply copy into a text box in your widget area.

Code looks like this, replacing with your info between the quotes, quotes stay:

<a href=”linkurl”><img src=”url of image” alt=”image name often keyword” /></a>

Note: When you cut and paste quotation marks, it sometimes messes up.  If your link isn’t working, retype the quotes.

Additional Links:

Basic HTML Code for WordPress

6 Tips to Creating B2B eBooks for Social Media Sharing

Open Office  free office suite which has a word like text editor where you can export as pdf (great for ebooks )

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