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Why Build a Resource Page

Thanks to Steve, the GreenHouseGuy for this question.  Having a resource page makes a lot of sense.  Who wouldn’t want a must go to, must bookmark, must share page on their site?  One of those often overlooked pieces of web real estate

  • A resource page can build traffic, both sticky and fun to share.
  • A resource page can boost your site’s reputation as a recognized source of great stuff  in your niche
  • A resource page gives you a place to link to your best content
  • A resource page helps your readers quickly find what they need, even things they didn’t know they needed
  • A resource page can generate income through affiliate links

Resource Page Examples

  • Smart Passive Income Resources  Nice intro, includes disclosure for affiliate links. I think it’d be improved without the sidebar.  Adds to clutter. Love how he uses subheadings and bulleted lists
  • Slow Cooker Freezer Meals  Links to various recipes organized by category.  Easy to scan and find what you are looking for.
  • Five Minutes with Jack Resource Page Again personal intro from author, lends credibility to the list of resources. Sidebars don’t bother me as much here, more white space. Note how books go to Amazon affiliate links.
  • CopyBlogger’s Magnetic Headlines great example of a resource page focusing on one category, pulling in the best posts on topic and subscription link – zero clutter.
  • ProBlogger’s Recommended Blogging Resources Great list of resources, but it isn’t easy to find, I found it through a blog post talking about building resource pages.  I do like how the list is organized.

How to Build a Resource Page

  • Decide what resources you want to list? Only best posts of each category? Include links to resources outside your website? Affiliate links to tools you found helpful.  Resource page built around site’s main keyword?
  • Add new page, give it a title, can be resources or use keyword like the magnetic headlines page
  • If your theme supports page templates, pick one without sidebar
  • Realize not just one right way to do this, what works best in one site doesn’t work as well in another, serve your market
  • Add content, use headlines, bolding, bullet points, affiliate links, subscription link, etc.
  • Update content as needed

What would you like to see in a resource page on WordPress 101 for Boomers?  Do you have a resource page for your site?  Please share.  Or build one then share.
BonusAs I started filling in my resource page, what I thought it should look like, it gave me ideas for many more blog posts, some are combining and repurposing old content, some are new post.

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