Wake Up Your Audience with a Call to Action

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No one comments on your blog? No one shares your post? No one purchases your stuff? Frustrating indeed! Now the first thing to check is to see if you have any visitors. If you are running a ghost town, no one will do any stuff on your site, because they don’t even know it exists. See your check your stats and see if anyone is visiting.  Just a trickle of traffic? Then either your content stinks or no one knows it exists.  Got some traffic but they seem to be asleep? this call to action post is for you.

The first blog I started looked like a ghost town, nor did I know how to check for traffic.  I didn’t write in it for a couple of weeks and started to get emails.  Are you alright?  We miss your posts.  Some would send me emails asking question or comments instead of posting to my blog as a comment.  I realized that I was messing up.  I needed to teach my fans how to promote my blog.   They didn’t know.

Not all audiences are the same.  Some need less directions than others, they know what to do, but could use a reminder just the same.  That is what a call to action does.  Tells your visitor what action you would like them to take on your site.  Some examples:

  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Like on Facebook
  • Tweet the post on Twitter
  • Leave a comment
  • Buy something
  • Download your eBook
Calls to Action can often be tested to see which is most effective.  They should not be invisible.  You can find some great tips for adding a call to action at 12 Tips to snap readers out of passivity. See also 12 Important Places You are Forgetting to Add Calls to Action.
Try it out.  What would you like your readers to do?  What has worked best for you?  Please leave your answers in the comments below.

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