Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts – Choosing a Topic

brainstorm blog post ideasDo you want to create awesome blog posts? The kind which get talked about and shared? Which in turn brings more traffic to your site, informs others, builds your brand, supports a cause, attracts more customers or whatever it is you wish your blog to do?  Who wouldn’t?  and yet you are sitting there staring at a blank screen.

  • What do I write about?
  • Why would anyone even want to read my post?
  • Am I wasting my time?

That is depressing and the wrong questions to be asking yourself.  Each of us in unique as each blog should be.  You have your voice, your voice matters.  But without a topic to write about that blank screen can be very intimidating.

I’ve found that when I have several blog topics sitting in front of me, it is much easier to write.  Posts get written. Stuff happens.  But if I have no list, I find myself doing other things, procrastinating clicking on the new post link.  I’ve gotten lots done with the family and around the house this past month, but little work on this blog recently.  Issue?  a simple line on my to do list which said blog post.  No topic, no idea, and in the end skipping that item and working on other things.  We’ll talk more about time management in a bit.

Choosing a Topic

Brainstorm ideas.  Write them down no matter how crazy.  Usually when I’m walking is when I get my best ideas.  I sure need the exercise, so I walk before brain storming blog post topics.  That is me.  I think best when moving.  You may be different.  If lounging in your hammock, zipping in and out of insane beltway traffic, relaxing outdoors, eating chocolate gets your brain in gear, do it.  Sometimes an idea just pops into my head and I create a draft with those ideas for future reference.

Ask Your Readers What do your readers want to know?  What questions do you see asked most often in various forums and social media? What questions do your clients ask over and over?  Writing posts which answer those most frequently asked questions is a no brainer.  I get many ideas from readers who email me questions.

Scan Social Media for Ideas Create twitter lists where you follow others in your niche.  Have your Facebook page like and interact with others in your niche, read its news feed.  Subscribe to blogs, join forums, etc.  What are hot topics?  What questions do people have to which you have the answers?  Now I’m not saying be a copy cat.  But to simply add your voice to the current topics.  And when you find great stuff by others, share.  Retweet, like, share their link in a related blog post.

KeyWord Research  I google questions many times a day.  Learn much.  Beats searching through the library any day.  Wouldn’t it be nice if those who had questions you could answer landed on your site?  KeyWord research will help you find those terms, and pick which ones to use.

Ideas from Existing Content This was going to be an easy blog post about writing blog posts, short and sweet.  As I started to outline what all to include, I realized no way could I squeeze all that into one post.  Thus my series on Writing Effective Blog Posts was born.  One topic becomes many subtopics and thus a whole series of posts.  Maybe you read a blog post which inspires another idea.  Save that thought someplace where you can find it.

Ideas from Other Bloggers To help get your brain in gear, check out these blog post ideas from other bloggers:

Make a List of Blog Topic Ideas

Learning new things are quickly forgotten unless you put them into action.  My challenge today is for you to make a list of a dozen blog post ideas.  Just do it!  

Please share your ideas for brainstorming and building your list of blog post topics in the comments below.

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  1. Even if a blogger loves the topic he’s writing about, there are many times ideas are short. Familiar topics have to be seen and shown in different angles, with different nuances. It can be tough at times. I try to keep my eyes and ears open to new ideas related to my niche.
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