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One of my favorite things about WordPress is how you can have conversations with others, gain new insights, make friends, build community through the comment section.  Trackbacks are cool too as they provide a way for blogs to interact with each other.

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You want to encourage visitors to comment on your site.  To make your comment section an additional resource for your visitors.  There are many WordPress plugs which enhance the comment section of your blog.

Get Rid of spam Several different plugins will take out the garbage for you.  If only I could find a plugin to take out the garbage in my house. See my post on battling comment spam.

Be sociable You’ll want to comment on other people’s blogs, especially as you are just getting started.  But do not spam! When you leave thoughtful, helpful, or even entertaining comments, it helps others get to know you. Be honest, if you feel someone’s post is crappy, don’t say you love it.  If you disagree with some of the points they are making, politely state your opinion. Some of the most active blog posts are those where people are debating a controversial topic.

Promote those who comment    I love it when people comment on my blogs. I appreciate them. I reply. People are people whether online or off. If you were at a networking event and someone came up to you and shook your hand, you wouldn’t just ignore them. You’d say hi too. Technology is great when used as a tool instead of a substitute for human interaction.

Here are a few ways you can show appreciation for your readers.  Just a list to get you started

  • Add Latest comments  to your sidebar (See above video if you don’t know how)
  • Comment Luv  adds a link to their latest blog post
  • Rely to their comments, answer any questions
  • Visit their blogs, leave them a comment
  • Thank Me Later PlugIn  Sends an email a little while after their first comment to thank them, invite to subscribe, etc

One of the questions I’ve often seen is How do I get my image to show up next to my comments?  Gravatars are your answer, click on the link in this paragraph to find the answer.

You don’t want to turn on every available plugin.  Keep the spam out then pick a few which will benefit your blog and its readers.  You can always come back and add more later.  I’m starting with Comment Luv and Thank Me Later, along with my spam filter.  Remember some blogs like this one are just getting started and have little comments.  Others have 100’s.  As a blog becomes more popular you may want to add more comment plugins depending on your needs.  Too much spam sneaking by?  Add another spam filter.  Discussions getting hard to follow due to the number of comments?  Add threaded comments.
Here are some more comment plugins:
If you have a favorite plugin, please share and comment below.  🙂
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