Choose and Purchase a Domain Name

Your domain address is your .com .net .org etc address.

Using your keywords in your domain name is a great practice. If a person searches online and uses the terms (keywords) wordpress tutorials, I’d love for my website to be the first one to pop up. Having keywords (search terms) in your domain name helps some.

Easy to spell. If someone misspells your name, they don’t go to your website.

Short and sweet. OK.  Less to type in, less to remember.

Many great domain names are already taken. Brain storm several names for your website.  Have a good friend help you come up with names, or see which they prefer. Check and see which are available. I  like using .com although the others work.

.com is often a commercial website so is .net

.org is often an organization

.edu domains belong to schools, etc.

.gov are government websites

.us  and other country names


When I type in the name of a website or add to a business card, I like to make it easier to read by capitalizing the first letter of each word.


is easier to remember than

I don’t have a favorite place to buy domain names from. Often you can purchase from your webhost, sometimes they give you a free domain name with hosting. I prefer my domain names in a separate account, but you don’t have to do it that way. Others prefer purchasing domain names from their hosting service. Either works.

It also helps if you buy at least 2 years of your domain name at once. Shows you plan on sticking around for a while. I put mine on automatic renew. Otherwise, I’d forget and risk losing my domain name.

Make sure you renew with the same company unless you plan on transferring to another service. There are companies who mail out please renew notices to websites soon to expire. Yet if you renew with them, you are also transferring your domain name to their service instead of your current one. These companies charge much higher fees, and your website no longer works because it isn’t pointing to the proper webhost. You can always transfer your domain names to another service for a fee.

Great customer service is a must on any service you use, especially when choosing a web host.

Additional Resource

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