Tweaking PLM’s Optin Widget

Optin FormI’m still not satisfied 100% with my optin form, colors aren’t exactly the same as my site, etc.  Looking at the form, it works, it isn’t bad.  Call me crazy. In this video I go over how to change the look of your optin widget, in premium list magnet, by editing it’s style sheet.

The stuff I do in this post is more technical than normal.  Use caution and save your files before you make any changes.  In fact you’d do well to skip this tutorial. This is for those who really want to make changes, enough to edit css code, etc.  I only included this for those who want to use PLM for their optin forms, and the available colors clash.  If you are using something else for your optin widget, this may or may not help you make changes.

Follow along while I make a few changes to my sidebar and css changes to my widget created by the Premium List Magnet plugin .

Editing PLM’s Optin Widget Style

The easiest way to change out the submit button was to create a new graphic and replace the old one.  There are found in your premium list magnet folder /images/buttons.  Didn’t make that big of a difference.  Best  to simply edit the plugin’s css style and leave the buttons alone.  Save your customized style sheet as your changes can be lost during plugin upgrades.

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