Controlling Your Title Tags

This is important, don’t skip over this step.  Using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast helps your standing in the search engines.  Whether you use this plugin or another, it is important to make sure the plugin is working right with your theme.

Controlling your titles is one thing it does.   In the 1st example below, the title is simply the name of the post.   In the 2nd example the title is pulling in the category, title and site name with a • between each term.
Editing title tags
In this next example Facebook is pulling up the title tag, you see no space between the title and the site name. (…PreppingMid-Atlantic…) Works, but not so pretty.
Facebook title tags
Before you set up your title tags in WordPress SEO you want to make sure your theme is ready.
When I first set up this plugin on a Weaver theme, I ended up with 2 title tags. Weaver created one, and so did the plugin. Opps! 🙁
Fortunately there was an easy fix. In my dashboard, under the theme’s advanced options, I checked a box to use a seo plugin instead of the theme settings. Works now.
On another site, the site’s name was getting pulled in twice. The video below explains how to fix it:

While in your SEO settings set your titles and descriptions.  See Optimize Your Titles for SEO.

Some examples:

  • %%title%%   Pulls up the title of your post or page
  • %%title%% – %%sitename%%     title of post/page – name of website
  • %%title%%  | %%sitename%%     title of post/page | name of website
  • %%title%% • %%sitename%%
  • You can even use words with the code as in “You searched for %%searchphrase%% • %%sitename%%” on your search page
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