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For Those who want to get technical, install WordPress manually, you will need an ftp program. Or if you will be uploading large files such as pdf’s, audio, and video, you may want to use an ftp program if they are too large to upload directly inside your wordpress blog or you can upload single files inside your host’s control panel. (Easiest way to do video is upload to youtube or similar service.)

Ftp is a tool that assists you in uploading your files. WordPress has gotten easier over time, less need to upload files through ftp. Occasionally FTP may come up. If you manually install WordPress then it is a must have tool.  Or if you ever need to move WordPress from one host to another.

If you prefer to have  all the technical stuff done for you, see our WordPress services. If your webhost has an automatic installation, skip this tutorial and come back when you have need to upload several files to your webhost.

Here are 2 free ftp services I recommend:



Note:  You have to have a FireFox browser to run this one.  I also highly recommend using Firefox as your browser vs windows explorer. Chrome is good too.


Filezilla is loaded onto your computer, you don’t have to have a browser window open to use it.

Additional Resources:

FireFTP works in your Firefox browser, click on the name while in your firefox browser to find the download link

Filezilla works through a program you install on your computer, again, click on the link to download and install the program

FireFTP video tutorial

Filezilla Tutorial

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