Changing Header and Background in Weaver II

How to change the header and background in Weaver II a WordPress theme. Even if you don’t have Weaver, many themes change headers and backgrounds this same way. Listen in and pick up tips.

How to Change the Header in Weaver II

How to Add or Change the Background Image in Weaver II Theme

I prefer some kind of texture for background images, or simply pick a color to go with your header image.

How to Create a Seamless Background Image

Background Textures Files

Search online and you can find free/inexpensive texture files.  Here are a few of the ones I found and liked.

Grunge Textures  Has cool downloadable textures, The small size (which is bigger than we need for this, scale down, reduce, etc) is free.  Larger size is great for printed graphics at an inexpensive price.

Background Labs Backgrounds searchable by color, twitter backgrounds, powerpoint backgrounds.  Be sure to check out their resource page.

200+ High Quality Paper Texture Backgrounds to Grab

60 Free Hi-Res Textures and Backgrounds

Collection of 500 Abstract Seamless Textures No need to make seamless, already done for you 🙂

92 Pixels  Great design resource, social icons, textures, fonts, tutorials, and design tips

Custom Logo/Headers

Chysalis Logo’s   Jessica Sellers is the graphic artist I use for most of my work.  I was working on Inventing Women for a client, and needed a logo.  In my mind I saw a flask with a flower floating in it.  I told Jessica what I needed and within a short time I had an awesome image.  My freehand graphic drawing skills aren’t that good.  It is great to know that whatever I imagine, she can create.

99 Designs  You pay a certain fee and various graphic artists compete, creating various designs, as designs are submitted you can say which you like best, more designs may be created based on your feedback.  The winning design gets paid.

How to Make a Header for Your Website with Free Graphic Tools links to video tutorials using a variety of different free graphic tools

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Changing Header and Background in Weaver II — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, I’m using Weaver II for a certain project right now – and I just don’t get the header right!
    I’d be very grateful for any tips: Once I uploaded the image it first showed it on all the pages but not the index site and posts. I deleted every image and uploaded it again – now the header is being shown on the “home” index page and posts – but not on the pages.

    I’ve searched the index.php, single.php and page.php for more info since I didn’t change the settings for the theme. I was hoping to find some flaws you’d just need to correct and then it would work. But no, everything seems right.

    Do you know that problem and how to solve it?

    Thank you very much in advance for any answers.

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