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Host Gator WordPress HostingIt is very important that you choose a great hosting company for your WordPress site. I remember many years back my son started his very first website with what turned out to be a very crappy company.  Their only support was email, and they weren’t answering emails.  He needed to be able to renew and he couldn’t find a way to do that either.  He’d also purchased his domain name through the same company and thus he lost everything.  🙁

Not all webhosts are created equal.  Some may load your pages a little faster  than others.  Some hosts have their clients’ sites up and running with less downtime than others. Some have longer wait times for support than others.

I’ve often have clients come to me because their existing WordPress site has issues and they wanted someone to fix things for them.  Often checking further they were using a webhost which I don’t recommend at all, in fact one of my friends with a web design company charges extra to clients who use that service.

If you are starting your first website, I highly recommend HostGator.

  • It is very easy to install WordPress (see the video below) directly on your domain  
  • Economical way to get started with their basic service, as your site grows, and traffic increases, you can upgrade your account
  • They have many video tutorials teaching you how to  use their service, including HostGator’s WordPress Tutorials 
  • 24/7 customer support, you can call them, online chat support, email ticket support
  • Weekly offsite data backups
  • I’ve used HostGator for various clients and have been very pleased with their service
  • If you are a beginner, or having issues with your current webhost I recommend HostGator 

I believe that for most people starting a new WordPress site do well with shared hosting such as the one HostGator offers.  Now as your site becomes popular, with huge amounts of traffic, straining your shared hosting, it’ll be time to look at dedicated hosting, or better yet, VPS as a stepping stone.  Buy HostGator Now!

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