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It is very important that you use a great hosting service. A web host service keeps all the files for your website on their computers which are always up and running (or should be) and delivers those files to whoever types in the name of your website on their computer or mobile device.

Your hosting service needs to have great customer support 24/7.   This is very important!

Choose a reputable company. Tech support by phone and email. Do not use a windows host, make sure you use a Linux host. WordPress doesn’t play nice with windows last I checked. The least expensive hosting is shared hosting, where several small accounts share the same server resources. If your site does very well, becoming a major internet site, lots of traffic, more than your account ca handle, then you can upgrade or move your account.

Although there are many hosts online to choose from, some good, some bad, I have two favorites I’d like to recommend. I’ve used both of these for myself or clients. Either works great for WordPress.

Host Gator will be the easiest to set up automatically. IX is my preferred host as it has available unique IP addresses, and I already know how to install WordPress manually.

Usually most shared hosting accounts have many domains (even 100’s) using the same ip address. Now if others are spamming people with their domain’s email address, that ip address may get blocked by some internet providers. You aren’t spamming people but if your IP address is the same as the spammers, you risk having your email stuck in their spam filter. Now if you aren’t using your hosting service for your own email, this doesn’t matter. Having a unique IP address may help with search engines, but I’ve not been able to confirm this.  If you  sell products on your website, even a eBook, you need an unique IP address in order to have a private SSL  certificate.

If you’d like to see how you set up wordpress on the HostGator and IX Webhosting, before making a decision, go to WordPress Installation.

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IX and HostGator aren’t the only options.  These are 2 of the best ones I’ve used on several websites.


I believe that for most people starting a new WordPress site do well with shared hosting.  Now as your site becomes popular, with huge amounts of traffic, straining your shared hosting, it’ll be time to look at dedicated hosting, or better yet, VPS as a stepping stone.


Disclaimer:  Links to IX and HostGator on this page are affiliate links.  Means if you purchase through the links, I’ll earn a few bucks, but it won’t cost you anything extra. My recommendation is based on experience.  These are not the only 2 good ones, but the 2 great hosts I’m most familiar with.

Additional Resource

More on IP Address if you are curious.

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