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school hallway

Lewis & Clark High School - Stairs © by ikrichter

As my youngest started her first day of high school, she was thoroughly confused on how to get where she was going.  Yes, we did go to the school and visit each of her classrooms ahead of time. There are many buildings, classes are given room numbers not telling you which building they are in.  Our short visit wasn’t enough for her to have it all ingrained. To add to the confusion, when she asked teachers for help, many of them didn’t know and sent her the wrong direction.

Yes, her high school is hard to navigate, much like a maze. My daughter will still attend her school, and with experience, she’ll know her way around over time.

But with your website, good navigation is a must.  When a visitor lands on your site, if they get frustrated trying to find stuff, they leave.  Often never to return. Solution is to make it easy to find stuff on your site. Once upon a time I had to modify code to make the navigation links go where I wished, even if all I wanted was to have the pages in a certain order.  But WordPress navigation has much improved, making it simpler to have them your way.

Navigation Bars 

Arthemia Navigation Bars

Many themes have navigation bars, usually 1 or 2.  I’m using the Arthemia Premium theme for an example.  The top bar, lists all the pages and a search box.  If you want pages to show up as a dropdown,  example various free resources, each resource can have its own page.  The set free resources as the parent page, and the other pages will be in the drop down menu.   The bottom bar shows categories.  Many do that.  In this particular magazine theme you pick which 5 categories to show, set colors for each, adding descriptions.

Adding New Links and Link Categories

Creating your own custom link menu’s

How Do I Get My Blog to Show Up on a Tab? 

Adding Another Blog or Forum on a Tab



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  3. Hello again Heidi,
    Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate your help.

    I have read thru most of your videos and have followed it to the “T”. Your instructions have worked well, except, the “read me” tag. Here’s what’s happening: I have created a page with content and under attributes, I want it to default to my static “Home” page and left the template as default template. I have set the “read me” tag/symbol to stop at the first paragraph. So, my question is when I go to the “Home” page shouldn’t my partial content show up on that page? Because it does not. I have set up the link to the page and that works well. What am I doing wrong?

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