Page Templates in Weaver II

WordPress allows you to have various templates for your pages and posts.  I love the flexibility this gives us.  What page templates you have to pick from depends on your theme.  You can even have a page template custom coded for you.

I’m showing the page template options in Weaver II, other theme’s page templates work similar.

Weaver II Page Templates: Default, Spilt 2 Column, Blank

Weaver II Page Templates: Page with Posts, Raw

Weaver II Page Templates: Sitemap, iFrame

Default Template
weaver II default page template

Split 2 Column
Add  more tag for this to work.
Split 2 column

I disabled the comments and widgets. Note how the blank page template shows no title.
Weaver II Blank page template

Page with Posts
Page with posts Weaver II template

Shows only what you give it, since I only had a few words that is what you see, use html code to show whatever you wish.
raw weaver II page template

Site Map
Simply add a new blank page, give it a title such as index or site map.  I prefer mine with the widgets and comments disabled.
site map weaver II page template

iframe Weaver II page template

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Page Templates in Weaver II — 2 Comments

  1. THANKS a lot for this helpful Tutorials! I searched in the official Weavertheme Documentation and simply didn’t understand, what I have to do to customize my “Page with Posts”-Page. NOW I got it! I will definitely look around your blog again if I need help… :o)
    Greetings from Germany, Marit

    • You are most welcome Marit! Glad I could help. For the most part their documentation is all I needed, but there where a few places I’d get stuck and have to play with the options to see what it could do.

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