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OK, you probably already have some pages on your website.  Today I want you to think about your ideal visitor and what you’d like them to do.  Here are some pages you may want to include:

About Page

Course you can name it something else.  Important thing is to tell about yourself, your company.  Kind of like an elevator pitch for your site.

Pro Blogger’s How to Write Your About Me Page
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Contact Page

Contacts page format © by EMMEALCUBO

Yep!  You want people to contact you.  Make it easy, put your contact info on a page.  Add a contact form so they can email you without having your email@ collecting spam.  Also good would be your social media profile if that is a good way to contact you.  Betting you’ve already done that.  Look it over, is all your contact information correct, easy to read?  Looking good!  You may want to consider a map if you have a physical office or store front.  Office hours.  Or even your advertising policy here or on a separate drop down page.

Media Page

Some people add a Media page.  Here they may post links to various news articles about them or their company.  Also contact information so reporters can get in touch.  This can also be under your contact page.


As you site becomes more successful, you’ll have companies who may want to pay you to advertise on your site.  If this is part of your plan, set up and show your advertising policy.  Thins out your email, helps potential customers to know whether to send in a request or not.


Do you provide some kind of service? What does your business do?  Put it on the top navigation menu, make it easy to find.  If someone wants to see what you offer so they can become your client, they need to be able to do so.   Apologies to early readers on my website for the missing service page.  While I’m getting the tutorials up and running, I have no time to take on new clients.  When you see my service page up at the top, it means I can take on a few new clients.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer

Do add one of these to your website, esp the privacy policy.  You are required to have one before using Google Adsense and other related services.  I prefer to add these to the bottom your website.  Your visitors have a right to know what type of info you collect and how you use it. Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer nor am I dispensing legal advise.

WP Policy – quickly add your privacy policy page and other disclaimers

You may also want to check out the following plugins:


Archives / Sitemap

A place to list all your posts/pages.  Not the same as the google xml site page for search engines, this is one for humans.

Weaver’s Site Map If you are also using the Weaver theme, you can follow along and built your own site map.
Snazzy Archives – great visual if you have images on your posts.

Not every site needs every one of these pages, but do consider at least an about, contact and privacy policy page.

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