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One of the cool things about WordPress is that you can plan your posts ahead of time and schedule when you’d like them to post.  Thus you could be visiting the grandkids while you posts continue to publish.  (As long as you have them set up before hand.

Quick Post

Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a post.  I don’t have time to write immediately, but if I don’t put something down, I’ll forget.  Or I bump into a link which gives me an idea.  I can use Quick Post to start a post and save it as a draft.  Yes, you can go ahead and post from quick post if you wish. You’ll find it in your dashboard top right.

Quick Press


Full Screen

full screen buttonNow what if you’re writing a long post, or you simply feel cramped up writing in that small space?  WP has added a new button, click and you’ve got the whole screen.

WordPress Editorial Calender

This is a cool plugin for those who’d like  help keeping track of what you want to publish and when.  Check it out at WordPress Editorial Calendar.

Update: Tips for Writing Effective Blog Posts

As I came back to this post, I realized that there is much my readers are missing out on.  I’ve been talking about the WordPress mechanics of running a WordPress site, but not much about creating the actual content itself.  Now there are a lot of great resources on the internet.  Do some search and check them out.  But also check out my take on writing effective blog posts.  This is part of planning.

 Why Blogging Without a Plan Leads to Failure and How to Fix It

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