What is the Purpose of your Website? Your audience?

Now there is a reason you want your own website or you wouldn’t be reading these tutorials.  Write down in words.  What do you want your website to do for you?  Make you rich? Famous? While it is true that some become both rich and famous from their blogs, their website serves a purpose beyond that self-interest.  Their sites benefit others in some way.  Simply a desire to become wealthy will not give you the momentum and perseverance you need to get it up and running.

  • Is you website an online brochure for your business?
  • Is your site an online store along with helpful tips and information for your clients?
  • Are you a writer, photographer, painter, musician and want your own website to showcase your best work?
  • Are you a coach or consultant? and want a website where you can connect with your clients and potential clients?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining others through video or multimedia? 
  • Are you building an online community? or promoting a cause?
Deciding what you want your WordPress site to accomplish for you before you get started is necessary.  Doesn’t mean it is set in stone, or can’t morph into something else over time.  Give yourself a starting point.
Next look at your niche, what are others doing? what is missing? Can you fill that need?  Do a better job?
What is your audience?  Who are the people you’d like to attract to your website? What are they looking for? How can you provide a better answer?
Here are some videos I made a while back showing various ways WordPress has been used to create viable sites for their owners.   As you watch, takes notes of any ideas that pop up for your own website.

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