Random Header Images

Once you had to find and use a plugin if you wanted random header images to show up on your WordPress site.  I loved it when WordPress added the header section under appearance.  The very first issue I bumped into learning WordPress years ago was changing the header image.  That is another story, issue was missing WordPress files.

 Selecting Random Header Images for WordPress

Now what if you want random header  images, but no longer want some of the custom headers you uploaded earlier? There is no way to choose only certain images, nor delete uploaded header image feature on the header area of your dashboard.  And if you delete the images through ftp, you may still have a circle for that image but no image in your dashboard’s header page.  And when that image is randomly pulled up, you get that lovely image not found x.  Best to delete your header image permanently from your Media library.

 Deleting Header Images from Media Library

Now if that doesn’t work, if you find the url of the “x” image, upload a new image with the exact same name to the same exact folder using ftp.

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