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Review PolicyReview and Guest Post Policies are other pages you may want to consider for your website.  Optional, but they can be great time savers if you do book and product reviews.   I had a request to write a book review from a Facebook acquantance, which inspired me to write a post on How to Get More Blogs to Review Your Book.   Heidi Richards, of WeMagazine for Women suggested I write a book review policy.

Sooner are later you’ll be contacted by someone asking if you’ll review their book, or product.  Someone else will ask if they can guest post on your blog.  Not so bad when you are first starting, but as things get busy, you really want your policy publicly stated. It helps your visitors know if you are accepting items to review or guest posts or interviews, what kind, what can they expect, what you expect.  Follow these examples to get some ideas for your own review and guest post policies.  After putting this list together, I decided I should go back and review my policy, and make a few changes.

Examples of Review Policy Pages

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