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I’ve been using IXWebhosting for years. I’m very pleased with their service and have several clients using their service.  I moved from an unnamed hosting service years back.  I can’t even remember the name of the service.  But everything seemed to run slower, with an unacceptable amount of down time.   If you know how to manually install WordPress, and would like unique IP addresses.  Then this host is for you.

  • Depending on the package you choose, you get 2-15 dedicated ip addresses.Every website has an IP Address, usually with shared hosting accounts, your address is shared with many other websites which you don’t control, some of which may be spammers.  For my main websites, I prefer that they have their own dedicated IP Addresses through IXWebhosting.  It may help with SEO, but I feel it also gives additional credibility to your website. 
  • IX doesn’t have a  click install for wordpress if you want it on your root directory.  (If you want wordpress directly on  you’d have to Manually install it.  It does have a click install for or whatever you name the new folder.) So downside is you need to manually install WordPress.  
  • Customer support 24/7 through phone, online chat, support tickets.  They even give you your own support team.  (See Video) That said, I’ve had some wonderful support staff over there, and occasionally a few who don’t know much.
  • If you website gets hacked, you can contact IX and have IX run cleaners through your account and clean out any bad code.  WordPress has 100’s if not thousands of files in each installation.   You don’t want to search each individual file for hacks. Not all webhosts provide this service. I don’t see this advertised on IX’s site, but it is a service they’ve freely provided me.

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Disclaimer: If you purchase IX Webhosting from one of my links, they pay me commission. You aren’t paying anything extra than buying directly from the host.

Additional Resources  Tool I used to check and see who else is using my ip address

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