Sage Hill Farms, WordPress as an Online Store

Sage Hill Farms and Vintage StoreMany still think of blogs when they think of WordPress.  They don’t realize WordPress is also a powerful tool for building business websites, including an online store.  And you don’t have to learn how to build a website, set up WordPress, etc.  You can hire a VA to handle all that for you.  So this month’s featured WordPress site is not a blog but an online store type of website.

“I’m lost without Vanessa…simple as that ! A plugin is what I use to make electric things work 🙂 and the sad part is I don’t really wish to know…is that bad ?”  Bea Kunz

Bea keeps quite busy with her sustainable herb farm, teaching others about a healthier lifestyle, enjoying time with her friends and family, and didn’t want to spend the time to learn how to do all all the techie WordPress stuff. She made a wise decision for her as a business owner and outsourced that chore to Vanessa. Vanessa does a wonderful job. Bea’s site looks great, works and she doesn’t have to worry about it.

Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store is easy to navigate. You can learn about her business, buy some of the best organic herbs and tea blends.  (My family doesn’t want me to ever be without her Cajun Blend herbs. Sausage and Kale Soup wouldn’t be the same without it.)  You can find recipes using these awesome herbs, learn how to brew the perfect tea, how to grow stevia, how to plant your own herb garden, and purchase from their online shopping cart.

Great job Bea and Vanessa!  You can find Vanessa at Vanessa’s Desk.


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Sage Hill Farms, WordPress as an Online Store — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Heidi,

    It’s nice to see that a small business can add an income stream much more easily now than years ago. There are many solutions available to choose from for implementing a shopping cart, and outsourcing that task makes a lot of sense. That way, Bea can maintain focus on her core business and leave the coding to someone else.

    I’m interested to learn if the Vanessa is also helping to market the site.


  2. Thank you Heidi for mentioning me in this wonderful article about Bea. She is one of my very favorite clients and so easy to work for. I too love her products – rib rub is my favorite – and it’s a pleasure to help her “bring them to the world”. She is so concerned with the health of our food supply and is always willing to share the knowledge!

    And yes Ray, I do help her market the business. 🙂

  3. Thank you Heidi and Vanessa. I have learned so much from both you ladies over the last 5/6 years…that long ?

    Ray, I can’t always find words to convey what Vanessa does for me and my business.

    I think more than anything is peace of mind, knowing we have done the very best to make it successful.

    I’ve been told I have a talent for writing…but believe me, without Vanessa…they would not sound quite as good. 🙂 She is an all around talented VA…the best from my view.
    Thank you Vanessa…you are cherished !

  4. Thanks all! Vanessa and Bea, you’d both like Ray. Playing with shopping carts and tutorials is on my list.

    Bea, yes it has been that long. I was surprised to see how many years experience I’ve had with WordPress. I went back and check the date on my first post on my first site.

    Vanessa, I always give credit where credit is due. I could not talk about Bea’s site as a great example without mentioning both of you. And for those like Bea, hiring services such as yours is a smart choice.

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