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Some of these subjects could use way more than a day.  SEO (search engine optimization) is definitely one of those topics.  I believe all of us would love the search engines to send us gobs of traffic.  Targeted traffic, those who are looking for what you have to offer.  And I’m sure those searching would prefer to find you than one of those sites which are more or less link farms.   Once these lessons are over I’ll continue to add content and you are free to ask whatever questions you may have.

Gifts from Google   I’m not an expert, I’ve often ignored SEO.  It just blows me away when someone googles something and gets directed to my website, and buys something.   I’m may be working in the garden, helping kids with homework, house chores, working on a website and Bam!  a customer is sent my way, ready to buy.  The first question I want to ask is what search word did you use?  (I want that word, I want to send more people searching on that word to my site).  Don’t worry, it isn’t the first question I ask, I’m going to serve the customer first.  Sometimes I can ask. I love Gifts from Google, wouldn’t mind gifts from Yahoo either, or Bing, or . . .

Update 11/18/11  

Set up WordPress SEO friendly, then follow a few simple steps so you can focus on creating content while getting found in the search engines.  Use WordPress SEO by Yoast instead of All in One, then visit SEO Bloggers, Podcasters, etc Should Do by Jack Spirko, he is an expert in all this.

Basic SEO plugins

Important If you use Weaver and any WordPress SEO plugin  see Weaver and SEO Plugins.

In our Basic SEO plugins, we got a good start.   Now write a description to your posts, pages.  Likely the search engines will include that in their blurb about your website.   Now in my rush to get these tutorials up and running, I forgot to fill in the descriptions, a habit I still need to learn.  I did fill in the descriptions for my YouTube video’s.

I searched wordpress 101 boomers, an easy term to rank for, here is the first of the results.  No description showing up on my wordpress links.  I’m missing my free ad about the post.  It does show on YouTube.  At least I put links back to my blog in my YouTube links.  Did you know YouTube refers more traffic right now than any other website to my WordPress 101 for Boomers site?

Boomer searchThere are several SEO plugins, whichever one you choose to use, fill in the description.  Currently my favorite is WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Google +1Google +1 Button And that little + button with a square around it.  Click on it will logging into your google account on posts and websites of value.  I’d love some clicks, so would others.  Helps the search engines weed out the link farms and send their searchers to great content, might as well be you.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

I love and trust plugins by Joost de Valk (Yoast).  As I was putting this course together I bumped into his newest WordPress SEO plugin.  I was concerned that it’d be overwhelming for newbies, didn’t know that it put less of a load on your hosting service.  Often SEO stuff isn’t done in an easy to understand way.

Then I bumped into a great video by Kimberly Castleberry, and she does a great job explaining things.  Use WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast instead of All in One and Google Site map.

Kim teaches SEO basics, gives you an understanding of how this plugin works, using some of its perks.   For a step by step guide for setting up WordPress SEO see  OpenSource Training’s  How to Use WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Visit Kim’s site to Improve your SEO and internet marketing tips.

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*** The SEO Bloggers, Podcasters, etc Should Do  Read this one first.

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