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We are social beings.  Interacting is much more interesting than reading an encyclopedia.  We lover to interact with other, show stuff, rant and rave, share ideas, laughs, support.  We are more than just a number.  How many times have you said “Not one more social network!” ?  Dragging your feet, kicking and screaming, you somehow manage to join the party.   Each network you join, has its own circle of friends.  Pick a few, stay active, connecting with others.  Remember, twitter and other social media sites are so much more than a link farm, who wants to connect with a link farm? Communicate, connect.

What is cool is how you can integrate wordpress with social media.  Plenty of plugins to go around.  I’d not going to list them all, just give a few examples.  You don’t have to use these exact plugins, but it is wise to connect with your social networks.

Add Your Social Media Profile

follow me social profile widgetI mean, you really do want your friends and fans to follow you.  When I find a blog that I enjoy, I’m quick to click on their twitter link and follow.  Only add social networks that you check into on a regular basis.

Add a social profile widget   a Follow Me widget on your sidebar where you can add several of your social media links.

Social Sharing Toolkit is one of my favorite social profile widget makers.  It includes Google Plus and includes a sharing feature.  Kind of like a Swiss army knife, several tools in one.

Add Your Social Profile to a Slider  You don’t want to do both of these, pick which option you prefer.  Don’t like either, search for a new plugin.

Make it Easy to Share Links

I’ve used the Facebook like button before, it was very cool when it first came out.   I mean having your readers tweet and share your posts and pages is very cool.  Gets more traffic to your website and provides you with a much needed vote of confidence, you are doing something right.

There are many plugins you can choose from, some don’t include google’s +1.  As having your visitors click that + buttons helps google find the real sites vs link farms, I wanted one.  Click to learn more about Social Sharing Toolkit.

Other Social Media Plugins to Check Out

Social Media

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