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Categories are like chapters in a bookMany get confused in the use of tags vs categories in WordPress.   What is the difference? How to use categories and tags effectively. Many times I’ll see a newbie with dozens if not a hundred plus categories.  Each post is given several categories, and yes the post is about those things.  Not the best way to organize WordPress, those should be tags not categories.

Categories are like the chapters of a book.  Just as you wouldn’t put the same example in several chapters, your post should only have one category. Tags are like the listings in the index of a book.  Use several of these as appropriate.

Each time I write a blog post, I add 1 category and several tags.  If you don’t pick a category it goes to your default category, often uncategorized.  Not very helpful.  Always pick one.   Remember on tags vs categories, tags are the index to your book and categories the chapters. Click on the links below for more info on categories and tags.

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