The Great Blog Debates

keyboardYou’ll find many great debates in the blogging world.  I ran into a great article on the comment debate, whether to allow comments or not.
Debate! Should You Allow Comments on Your Blog?… pros and cons.

The debates are endless.

  • Which plugin is best? Which theme? 
  • Which blogging platform?
  • How often should I blog?
  • Which auto-responder is best?
  • How to monetize my site? Should I monetize my site?
  • Should I guest post? Allow guest posts?
  • Should I even have a blog? or simply a website?
  • How much time to spend promoting my site vs writing new content
  • . . .
Overwhelming, especially if you are new to all of this and want to get it right.  Reminds me of my kids when they were back in grade school.  Most of them did great at math.  Usually there was only 1 right answer.  Then you get to those social studies questions which start with “What do you think about . . .?” it’s different. One of my daughters was stuck on such a question.  What is the right answer? Well, that depends, whatever you think about it.  Someone else may think something else.  Not one exact right answer.
Building a website is much the same way.  You have to think of it more as a piece of art, your ever evolving masterpiece.  Don’t get stuck agonizing over the right way to do something.  Keep adding your best content.  Stay in touch with your audience. Care.

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The Great Blog Debates — 2 Comments

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head! Some people think running a business is all about marketing, making sales and lots of money. The reality is that it’s really about making decisions; one after another, ad infinitum.

    The problem, as I see it, is that many people don’t like making decisions; and that leads to procrastination. Procrastination leads to less decision-making, which in turn adversely affects one’s application of the business plan. The end result is that the business goes downhill into eventual oblivion.

    I guess the reality is that if you can’t live with constant decision-making, then sooner rather than later, events will conspire to make sure that you won’t have to make any more decisions.

    I’d like to write some more, but I can’t decide if I should or not; or should I do it tomorrow. Since I can’t make up my mind (that’d be making a decision!), I’ll say bye for now …



  2. Thanks Graham! You are right, and sometimes a business freezes because they aren’t sure it a decision is the right one. No magic crystal ball. Never allow for mistakes. You never know how something will turn out until you do it.

    You are right. My son is a top programmer/developer. One day he’d had enough of the company’s buggy software and spent the day (and night) programming them a new framework. (something which usually takes a time months to do) Company checked and added suggestions which he implemented the next day. Employees used the new framework a few weeks, then passed it on to their clients.

    He was explaining how old school was developing something for 18+ months in the future, with various studies, tests, meetings, more meetings before progressing. How you can never know what the company’s needs will be that far ahead of time?

    It just hit me! that is what meetings are often for, a way to procrastinate instead of making a decision while giving the appearance of being productive.

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