Themes: More than a Wardrobe Change

Okay, if you are like me, you’ve been dying to know how to change the appearance of your WordPress Blog.  First thing I wanted to do on my first WordPress blog years ago was to change the header to my own image.  It was very frustrating.  I searched online.  I followed instructions.  Didn’t work.  Found more instructions, again it didn’t take. Nothing worked.  Frustrated, I set WordPress aside and looked for other ways to built a website.  After learning how much was involved, learning some html and css, I decided to give WordPress another shot.  I mean if others could do it so could I.  Problem?  The auto installation from my host was missing some files.  After a phone call, they fixed the issue.  Why didn’t I call them earlier?

Things are better now, also using a different webhost, and wordpress has much improved.  So much works better, easier to use.

Consider this your introduction to WordPress Themes.  In one way, changing themes is like changing your wardrobe, with the sidebar and footer as accessories.  However, if you choose your theme based on appearance only, you’ll be missing much.  A WordPress theme is more than just style and colors, it also changes how a theme acts, the layout, etc. It is also like the difference between a Ford Pinto and a BMW.

Additional Resources

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A Few WordPress Themes to Get You Started:


Weaver II My current favorite for most sites

Twenty Eleven


Stay tuned, after I finish the initial tutorials, I’ll be reviewing various themes, etc.

One more note, another word of caution, sometimes when you switch themes, you lose your sidebar settings and need to reset the widgets, etc.  So choose your theme first, then work on the sidebar/widgets.

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