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Everyone has their own way of learning stuff.  By clicking on each of the links below, you’ll find tutorials and videos which teach you how to set up and run your WordPress site.  If you’d like a month’s worth of daily lessons in your inbox, please sign up for our Free Daily WordPress Tutorials.

Throughout our site, you’ll find bold text which often is a link to more information on that subject.  Learn more about how this site works at Want to Learn WordPress? The daily tutorials are complete, and I’m busy filling in the links below with similar content.  I realized not all learn at the same speed, and often it is good to simply have a reference page.

I’m still adding links and content to this page, a work in progress.

Before You Start

Installing and Setting up WordPress

Adding Content to Your WordPress Site

WordPress Maintenance

Bringing Traffic to Your WordPress Site

  • Build a List
  • Social Media Building funnels
  • SEO (gifts from Google)
  • Subscriptions, rss feeds, newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Directories
  • Advertising
  • Offline Promotions

Monetizing Your WordPress Site

  • Sell products even text links and clicks
  • Sell affiliate products
  • Sell services
  • Become the Go-To Expert in Your Niche
  • Sponsors
  • Membership Site

Evaluate Website


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WordPress Tutorials — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Heidi,

    You are always an inspiration for me. Your website has come a long way and it looks super good. Very informative. Thanks so much for your hard work and information. I have a question. Do you use any type of software to track where your articles or posts have been sent? Or how do you keep track of it? I use Yoast too…I think it’s great. Help me out on this one, because I’m confused. Thanks.

  2. Confused as to your question. My posts and pages are on my blog, my rss feed (see orange rss button), and in emails to those who sign up for email subscription. Not really sent anywhere unless shared by email or shared through social media.
    Or if you mean which search engines etc are notified of new posts, etc, that is controlled from the ping list built into wordpress.
    I use google analytics, which tracks where traffic to my site is coming from, from search engines, facebook, twitter, youtube, various forums, links from other sites, etc.

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