Update Now and Kickstarter

Too quick thoughts today.

First, update all your WordPress sites to 3.4 now. Security issues in the older version have been reported by some.  It has been out for over a week, thus time for developers to have updated their plugins and themes if needed.  Remember to backup all your files first, theme, database, uploads, plugins.   Several ways to do this, if you haven’t updated your site, check out the updraft plugin.   Next, update your plugins and themes before updating wordpress.  Now update.  Do this for all your wordpress sites, as someone could hack into an old outdated site on your account and then into your current ones.

I’ve been revisiting Kickstarter this week after seeing Seth Godin’s quick success this week for his new book. Next ThinkTraffic’s post on How a First-Time Filmmaker Raised Over $100k on Kickstarter for an Unconventional Film.  Head on over to Kickstarter this weekend and see what other projects are getting founding in  your niche.  Lots to learn over there.

Visit KickStarter School when you have an idea for your own project.


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