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It is very important to me to never, ever lose my database, nor my theme, and theme settings.  It is like an author writing a book and losing all his manuscripts.  Fortunately, several plugins have been developed which backup your database automatically.

Which plugin you use, isn’t that important as long it is working for you.  Don’t depend on your hosting service to backup your stuff.  They should, and usually do a great job.  But stuff happens and I don’t want to loose content.

Update 12/22/2012:  Here is a great backup plan:  WordPressBackup the plugin and the plan

Updraft WordPress plugin backs up not only your database, but also your plugin, theme files, and other items uploaded through wordpress. These can be restored, saved on a cloud server, etc.

Note: Yes, I know about the pink box saying my backup folder may be visible. That is triggered by the WP DBManager plugin. The folder is not publicly visible, yet sadly the message remains. I’m using WP DBManager for daily backups of my database and to provide maintenance on my database. I’m currently using Updraft to backup manually my other files. If you prefer to use only Updraft, that is fine. In which case schedule regular backups.

UPDATE  I’m now using the newer UpdraftPlus .  It also lets me schedule how often to backup the various parts.

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