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welcomeTime to roll out the welcome mat. You’ve created a cool site, traffic is coming. You know your way around your website, I bet you could even navigate a friend around without even being on your site. But not all who come to your website will have you as a tour guide. Or can they?

What if you created a welcome sticky post or a “New? Start Here” page? Wouldn’t it be cool if every site you visited had the website owner give you a private tour? Making you feel right at home? Why not give your new visitors a tour 24/7?

I’ve been using a sticky post to welcome new visitors, to let them know what to expect, how my site works.  See Want to Learn WordPress? While writing this post I realized I should add a video giving a tour of my website and so I did, here it is:

Welcome to WordPress 101 for Boomers

How are you welcoming your new visitors? Please share your welcome page/post.  And remember, you don’t have to name it welcome page, get creative.

Photo  by Claudio Matsuoka

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Welcoming New Visitors — 4 Comments

  1. This area (intro to site) is where so many websites fail. You come to the homepage and go “Okay, now what?” There is no obvious next step or explanation of what you’ll find and where it is……

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