Why Blog?

Why Blog

Why Blog?

Do I even need blog? These are great questions to ask. To start a blog takes time and resources. Is it worth it for you and/or your business to start a blog?  I can’t answer these questions for you.  You know your business much more than I.  Here are some reasons you may want to blog.  Be sure and list any additional reasons in the comments below.

  • Blogs are Interactive – Think about it, who was your favorite teacher? favorite seminar? Not the college chemistry professor who read from his own book, never looking his students in the eye, nor asking questions, simply throwing out his expertise.  We learn more and it is less of a chore, when we interact with others.  Through comments and integrating with social media a blog can do just that.
  • Share info – I didn’t get blogging at first, I thought of it simply as an online diary and who’d want to air all their dreams and dirty laundry publicly?  I spent much time in public forums and communities such as Ryze.  I found the same questions were asked repeatedly.  I found many of us answering the same questions over and over.  I discovered it was much wiser to blog the answers and share one link when the need came up vs rewritting the answer over and over.
  • Entertain – a blog doesn’t have to be educational, many are entertaining
  • Brand Yourself as an expert – Blogs are a great way to share your story, your knowledge, and tips with your loyal readers. And in the process you become the go-to person in your field.  My oldest son, an awesome programmer, decided to write his own blog code one night and start his own blog.  It isn’t on WordPress, he wrote his own code. I’m sharing his story because it is important.  There was a need in his niche (node.js) for tutorials and his blog became How To Node. Within 2 weeks of launching is site he was getting job offers by email. Within a few short months he was known as the expert in his field, with speaking engagements world wide, additional job offers, requests to write books.  Now to be fair, he was wise and let others know about his blog, spoke on related well knows podcasts in his field, linked to on popular blogs in is niche, active on twitter and git-hub (social media and code for programmers).
  • Help Your Search Engine Rankings – Wouldn’t it be nice when someone searching online for answers to their questions landed on your website and found their answers?  As you continue to add content, focusing on specific issues in your field, using good keywords and descriptions, it increases your chance to be found.
  • Easy to Share – Especially when you add social media share buttons, blog posts are easy for your readers to share with their friends and connections.  People you never knew will learn about you and your site, your expertise.

What if I don’t want a blog?

If I don’t want to keep up a regular blog is WordPress an option I should even consider using?   WordPress has both pages and posts, you can simply has pages.  However I’d still encourage you to add a few articles (blog posts can be named articles, tips, etc.)

Why WordPress?

Again, I’m talking about self-hosted WordPress to host a website for your business, hobby, writings.

    • You can update your content without waiting on your web designer.
    • Less expensive to get up site up and running then having the whole site custom coded for you.
    • WordPress  has many plugins and themes to choose from, which gives you control over how your site work, and looks without needing to learn several kinds of programming languages, and css.
    • Many popular, high traffic sites WordPress for a reason.  It works and makes sense.
    • You have control of your own site.

Now there are times when WordPress isn’t a good fit for your site, such as when my son created his site.  He needed to be able to pull from GetHub while showing how node.js could be used to create blogs.  A very specific instance.  You can have a storefront built in WordPress, however if you have 100’s and 1000’s of products it isn’t the best choice.  For smaller stores it works great.

Photo by Shashi Bellamkonda

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