Why Self-Hosted WordPress?

There are many blogging platforms, some free and some require you to have your own hosting account.

Blogger is one popular free blogging service, also known as Blogspot
. It is improving, you can now add pages. Often used as a free service where family and friends share photos, interests, hobbies. You may earn money from ads on your site. But it isn’t really your site, the url has blogspot.com as part of your address. Not branded to your business. You don’t have full control over your site. And if Blogger decides your site is a spam site, poof! your site can be shut down.

WordPress.com is another free blogging platform using the wordpress platform. Again, you don’t own or have full control of your site. And they frown on advertising, links to business etc. This is not the WordPress I’m talking about.

My favorite blogging or website building platform is self-hosted WordPress.   Self-hosted means you own a domain name and have your site on a hosting service you own.  More on that later.   Here are a few of the reasons I love Self-hosted WordPress.

  • SEO friendly set up so you can concentrate on your content.
  • Easily change and customize your site’s appearance.
  • WordPress continues to be improved.
  • Lots of plugins to add functionality to your website.
  • Ability to backup and save your database.
  • Easy to update both content and software
  • Very affordable
  • Brands your site well with own domain name
  • Full control over your website
  • Fun

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What is Self-Hosted WordPress?

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