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“There are many out there doing WP tutorials and yet yours is the one that “spoke to ME!”. . . Thank you for sharing. I see that you are diversified and your time is limited and valuable. Just know that I am very grateful. I couldn’t afford to pay for what you offer for free.” Kathy Harris

My name is Heidi Caswell and I’ve been learning about and building WordPress websites since 2005.   Not the only thing I’ve been doing, but always fascinated by the endless opportunities the WordPress platform offers small business owners and creative minds.

It isn’t unusual for me to get a call from someone, needing help with their WordPress site.  I’d make little video tutorials on the fly (using Jing) and email them back, showing how to do something they were trying to figure out.

There are many WordPress tutorials online.  I did not feel the need for more.  Yet I continued to get SOS calls for help.  Rather than answering similar questions over and over, wouldn’t it be easier to point to a video.  And if my clients  have questions so do others. In the spirit of Open Source, I’m offering these tutorials for free to all. Find your Free WordPress Tutorials here.

“My eye is on the tutorial on What to do if Your Site gets hacked. Why? Because I have had a few sites hacked and you feel so violated. Uggh. Trot on over and learn, learn, learn. This site is so good it should be illegal” Rosemary Horner

Those who prefer to have the more technical stuff done for them, so they can concentrate on their business, I also provide WordPress Services.

“When you put WordPress and Pro in the same sentence, you have to think of Heidi Caswell!  Heidi not only is an expert when it comes to navigating WordPress, but she knows how to teach others and simplify it in such a way that a technically challenged person like myself can understand it.  I am grateful for her knowledge and expertise and so is my husband!”
Beverly Mahone

Most importantly, realize that if you want to learn WordPress, you can. I still remember when I first attempted to set up my first WordPress site.  It was all so confusing to me, nothing worked as it was supposed to, I’d search for directions online and not understand what the heck they were talking about. With the help of my oldest son, showing me basic things on my laptop such as what is FTP, cool tools such as Firebug, translating all the words written in “Geek”, several online friends and tutorials, and basic stubbornness, I learned WordPress.

Why I Created WordPress Tutorials


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