How To Add Text to a WordPress Category Page?

Hello Heidi.
My name is Viktor.
I have a technical question.
On your site, on this link:
I see that under the Title of this page which is: “Category Archives: Pages and Posts”
there is a short description for this category page, which is: “Tutorials for wordpress pages and posts”.
How do you insert this short text there?
And is it possible to make this text longer if I want to make a long description for category page?
So, I mean can we make a post or put a long text in the top of each category page and then all other posts are displayed below as usually in short format as excerpt?

Thanks a lot.


Thanks Viktor, that is a great question. In your category section in your WordPress dashboard, you can add text for each category you create. How this works depends on the theme you are using.

On this site I am using Weaver, and the category description shows up as text on each category page, and yes I can make it longer. I need to do some keyword research and add a better description for each category, one which helps both the search engines and my visitors.

On the magazine theme used on WeMagazineforWomen the Category description shows up on the Category link and thus needs to be short. It doesn’t show up on the category page. How category descriptions show up depends on your theme.

What if my theme doesn’t display category descriptions?

Not finding a good plugin which works with modifying the category description text, a simpler solution would be to edit the code of the category.php file displaying the text. If you don’t know how to do this, find someone who codes wordpress and they can add the proper code for you. Make an extra copy of this file, saved where you can find it. If your theme is updated, you will usually need to add it back to your category.php file.

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