Adjust Your WordPress Settings

Congrats!  You now have your WordPress site up and running.  Before we add content, change the appearance, we need to adjust some of the settings in your dashboard (also known as admin panel).

 WordPress General Settings  

Click on the General Settings link above, I’ll show you how to change your site’s name, tagline, admin email address

WordPress Reading Settings

Click on the link above and learn how to set a static page for your home page.
How to create a blog tab in your WordPress site when you have a static page for home.

WordPress Discussion, Privacy and Media  Settings

In the above video, you will see how to change number of posts to show,
How to set your discussion setting, change your media settings.
Also how to change your privacy settings so the search engines can find your site.

Optimizing WordPress Permalink Settings

How to optimize WordPress Permalink Settings in your dashboard to help your seo and nicer looking url’s.  This is a very important step!!
Click on the link above to watch the video.

Update Services -Ping List

OK. How do the search engines, directory services, etc. know when you update your site with a new post?

Many services, and you really don’t want to do it manually, each time you add content to your site, notify each plac individually. Thankfully WordPress provides an update service. Each time you publish a post, using services such as Ping-o-Matic, a message is sent out, telling other places that you have new content on your site. So they send back their little bots to read your content and take that info back to their service. Pretty cool!

Click on the Update Services / Ping List to watch the video.

Next we’ll show you how to add or change your WordPress theme.

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