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Old fashioned text editorBelow you fill find instructions for using many of WordPress’s text editor’s buttons.  What I want you to do is concentrate on adding words to a new page of your blog such as an about page.  Click on the titles below to view any videos on specific tasks.  Think of it as a reference guide.  Once you get the words down on your page, use these as needed.  Don’t worry about messing up.  You can go back and edit, change.  The goal right now is to get something about your site on a page.  Then you can proofread, edit to your heart’s content.  If you know how to use a word processor, this will look familar.

Adding Text to Pages and Posts

  • How to find the kitchen sink.
  • How to bold
  • Italicize
  • Cross out words.

Inserting Hyperlinks in WordPress Text Editor

How to insert hyperlinks into your wordpress content using the visual text editor.
How and why to add more tags to your wordpress posts.

Aligning Text and Creating Lists in WordPress

Aligning Text and Creating Ordered or Unordered Lists while using WordPress text editor.

Using WordPress Text Editor to Change Color

Changing text colors in your WordPress content.
How to underline text using the text editor.

Copying from Word Documents into WordPress

  • Did you know there was a special button for copying and pasting from word documents?
  • Or better yet, use add as plain text button.
  • Using special characters such as the copyright symbol.
  • Undo and re-do buttons.

Using Quick Edit to Modify Your Pages

  • Quick edit.
  • Parent/child pages: How to have one page show up in the drop down menu of another page.
  • How to hide comments
  • Changing page templates
  • Plain pages with no side bars
  • Using edit bar at top of live WordPress site
  • Changing page order on the navigation bar
  • Changing post slug

Changing WordPress Screen Options

  • Changing WordPress screen options – playing hide and seek with various page/post options.
  • Using preview post and page options.
  • Using the admin bar on live pages and posts.

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