Welcome to my little corner.

I’m Heidi Caswell and live in the corner of north east Texas, planting zone 8. Growing up we always had a garden, food storage, freshly baked bread, and made many of our own things.

I still love gardens, just too much shade in my yard to grow much.  I’ve always wanted some fruit trees, but they need sun.   My husband would say wait until we moved to another house, we will only live here a short while.  We have been in the same house over 20 years.  Most of our kids are grown and out of the house, one high schooler left.  Hummmm…

Hill above creek

Top of hill looking down at creek


Fortunately my husband loves the rural areas too, grew up next to a fruit orchard.    We’d look at houses with more land just out of town, pricier, and here we were trying to finish paying things off. We found some great deals further out of town, but further than we wanted to commute and my high schooler’s didn’t want to switch schools.  We checked prices on raw land.  Awesome deals, some of the cheapest land in the country, again only if further from town.  Maybe I could start some fruit trees and when my husband was ready to retire in a few years, and kids out of school, we could build on it.

We looked for a while, not finding just the right thing.  Looking at the cost to get power and a well, etc adds greatly to the price.  A friend of ours kept saying “Call Mac, he’s got the spot for you.”  Finally my husband called.  Longer story, but we ended up buying 4 acres 20 minutes away, with power, septic, a well, spring fed year around creek on 2 sides, asphalt drive, and the most beautiful majestic beech trees around.  We bought it.  It does have a north slope, told my husband perfect for mushrooms.

The well needed a pump, something we knew.  And the current well house was an old dog house, falling apart.  Needing water for my trees, getting that well up and running was a priority.  Our well house ending up as a 20′ x 30′ metal shop with concrete pad, with plans to turn part of it into living quarters.  And we planted a dozen plus fruit trees followed by 2 years of drought.  A learning process.

front yard garden

Front yard garden

Whether we work on our current suburban yard or our 4 acre spot, it keeps us busy.  If you’d like to follow our story, things we’ve learned, please subscribe to our blog. Be sure to comment, share your story, etc.  We’d love to hear from you.