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Garden Journal March 23 – 29  Rain, warmer weather, except for the occasional cold days, longer days, make lots of happy plants.  The rabbits love the “weeds” I pull up out of my yard and feed to them.  Lots of cleavers, purple dead nettle and some chickweed.

I love the columbine plant my husband picked up for me last year.  As a perennial it came back from the year before.  I also have more plants than the year before as it spread through seed into another garden bed.

Red Buckeye

Red Buckeye

I found out what the mystery plant growing all over our woods is called, Red Buckeye aka Aesculus pavia.  Looks like it can grow into a beautiful tree although is is more of an understory shrub in my woods, lots of shade from other plants.

My lemon balm has returned. Love it. Strawberries are blooming. Pink Wood Sorrel is loving the semi-shade area near my planter boxes. It reminds us of clover.  So does the yellow wood sorrel which grows in my yard.  The yellow seems to prefer more sun.

I transplanted tomato plants outside this week.

Another nice thing about this great weather is playing outside.  My grandkids love playing in my creek, Jack got all excited when I said we’d be moving over there in a year or so.

Chickweed, Cleavers

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Weather for March 23 – 29

High 81

Low 35

Rainfall .76″  Although the buckets in my backyard said we had closer to and inch and a half

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