GJ: First Freeze

fall colors Garden Journal November 10-16 Brrrr… it got cold. For a couple of days. Yep, we are pansies.  We enjoy our mild fall/winter temperatures.  But it does get cold and not always at convenient times.

We knew it was going to get cold, possibly mid 20’s.  Several of my plants don’t like that kind of weather.

I was in the middle of putting down a new floor in my youngest daughter’s room.  Of course I had to move out all the furniture and paint the walls first.

I really wanted to keep my ginger plants in the ground a little longer.

Weather November 10-16  Two cold nights we even turned on the heater for a couple of days.  A few days later it warmed up, enough that we turned it back to the AC.

Temperatures: High 71 Low 28

Rain: .12 inches


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