GJ: Harvesting Loofahs

Frozen Luffa VinesGarden Journal November 17-23 Not covering my luffa plants when the temperatures dropped to the 20’s most definitely froze the vines. Once the vines die, they no longer grow nor mature. So I picked them all and added the dead vines to the compost pile along with the tomato plants. Looking back, since I didn’t have time to peel the fruit (loofahs) yet I could have left them on the vine.

Loofah Harvest

My grandkids help bring them all in, we had a huge box. They sort of smell like cucumbers.

Lots of loofahs, we made a giant pile of them, took pictures, filled up a huge box in my living room.  Bringing them in the warmer house, some of them started to get mushy, before we had a chance to process them.

My garlic bulbs sprouted, getting a head start on next years growing season.

Weather November 17-23  Yep it warmed back up, even turned the AC back on for a bit when it got to 85. Didn’t have to, but it felt much more comfortable.  Lots of rain, the ground is nicely saturated.

Temperatures: High 85 Low 37

Rain: 2.35 inches

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