GJ: Spring is Here

Peach blossomGarden Journal March 16-22: I love this time of year. Some days a little cold, some a little bit warm.  Plenty of awesome days to enjoy open windows or simply spending the time outside.

It is getting warm enough, I’m very tempted to transplant my tomatoes outside. Then I look at the forecast and it may get down to 32 in a few nights. I can wait a few days, meanwhile they are getting used to being outside in the the brighter sunlight.

Plum BlossomsOur plumcot was in full bloom a couple weeks ago.  It is always in a hurry to be the first blooming tree, it even beats the Bradford Pear in my front yard.  The frost got the blossoms. (Yep, I know the Bradford pear doesn’t bear fruit, another tree may have been a better choice, but after losing or chopping down the 2 previous trees, I decided to let it stay at least until an ice storm does it in.  The birds love it, so do my cats and grandkids.)

Now the peach trees are blooming, so are some of the plums.  I spent the first day of spring at our land, spraying the fruit trees with some neem oil, liquid fish, and microbes.  I skipped the branches of the trees which where blooming.  I should have sprayed them all earlier, I’ll spray them again after they are through blooming.  I’m not sure that the pollinators would like the spray, however, the neighbor’s dogs were quite interested.

Mason bees
I had fun watching the activity on one of the plum trees.  A wasp, 2 tiny black butterflies with a red and white dot in the corner of their wings, a couple small striped bees and several tiny mason bees.  (More on the mason bees later). Stay tuned! I will be back, lots of catching up.

Daffodil familyDaffodils finishing up their blooms, forsythia loaded with yellow blossoms, flowering quince still has a few blooms, it beat the plumcot. Fruit this year?  Maybe. Trees are still young.

Comfrey returned and is looking happy, reminding me how much it hates our summer heat.  Tiny little grape hyacinths popping up.  I forgot about planting those tiny bulbs.  Blueberries are looking good, lots of buds, a couple of which have opened up. Fresh green leaves on both my blackberries and “raspberries”. My first asparagus shoot of the season.

Weather for March 16-22 

High  79  Low 36

Rainfall: 0


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