The Search for Organic Ginger Root

organic ginger root to plantSince my husband fell in love with Ginger Tea, it only made sense to see if I could grow some.  Ginger grows from the rhizomes or what we often call the roots.  (Technically roots grow out of the rhizomes )  I wanted to find some organic ginger root I could grow.  Not an easy task.

I went to my favorite online seed catalogs, no luck.  I did a google search.  I searched on a few plant forums.  I found ginger powder, candied ginger, dried and chopped up ginger root.  Live roots to plant seem to be in short supply.  Could I simply plant the roots I find in the grocery store?  I don’t think they are even organic.  Better choice would be the organic ginger I found at a local healthy food store.

At last I was in luck, I found one person with a few left to sale, Mr. Nature’s Etsy Shop. I bought 2.  Wasn’t sure when they’d come in.  I found another company, East Branch Ginger when I was searching for turmeric, but they were out of all plants.  They also had several kinds of ginger root, ready to plant.  I heard that they are now taking orders for the 2013 season.  I rushed on over but found that the smallest amount of ginger root for seed I could buy was 5 lbs.  I wasn’t prepared to nurture that amount yet.

Saturday my ginger arrived.  The roots were wrapped in tin foil, bits of dirt clinging, not moldy, not dried out.  An added surprise was that longhorn looking thing.  It really looks like a Texas Longhorn.  I looked it up on his site and found

Miniature BULL HORNS !!!
These are from the acacia cornigera plant in my yard. So many uses if you are crafty. My neighbor pinned one to his cowboy hat. I thought of attaching one to my yorkie…

Second surprise was the luffa, organically grown bath sponge, with seeds. I can’t wait to try them.  I’m sure I’ll be visiting Mr. Nature again.


The Search for Organic Ginger Root — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting your ginger journey it saved me a lot of time, because I was going through the exact same process which you already completed.

  2. i need to buy some roots because almost every day my stomach got upset and i hear ginger its good for that can you tell me where i can buy some roots?

    • For use I buy organic ginger root at a local store, Granary. Even Walmart has it for sell, but as another local store has organic for about the same price and much fresher looking ginger, I buy the good stuff. For growing I ordered online on etzy but I do not see ginger root there any more.

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