GJ: Thanksgiving Week

Ginger TeaGarden Journal November 24-30 Busy time, family, good food.  My husband protected the ginger again with a tarp and a light.  It looked sort of cool at night.  No, that isn’t a Christmas decoration. Now the find my camera’s missing sd card so you can see what it looks like.  (Housefull of visiting grandkids and youngest daughter using camera for her school projects. )

We use butter for everything, even the pie crusts.  Not going back to shortening nor margarine.  Tastes better, healthier eating.  No complaints.

As it gets colder outside, my husband wants his ginger tea.  He is hooked, feels better especially on a cold day.  I harvested one ginger plant early and used it for my ginger tea.  First time I’ve ever had home grown ginger to use.

Weather November 24-30  A 2nd cold snap Thanksgiving week.  One morning was freezing rain, when I saw our avocado tree leaves covered it ice I knew it was time to bring it inside for a few days.

Temperatures: High 62 Low 28

Rain: .49 inches

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